Motivation for Healthy Behavior and Fulfillment For the 50 Plus Man

About 50 Plus Men

50 Plus Men is a site for men over fifty, the people that love them and anyone who seeks to find the motivation for healthy behavior. It features the research of men’s health advocate and author Louis Bezich, discusses best practices and offer tips from experts. Most importantly, 50 Plus Men is a forum for individuals to share their stories of motivation and behavior change. Think of 50 Plus Men as a marketplace of knowledge, where you can find information, discuss your own experiences and find inspiration.

Bezich’s book Crack the Code! 10 Proven Secrets that Motivate Healthy Behavior and Inspire Fulfillment for Men Over 50, is the platform for 50 Plus Men. The site includes excerpts from the research behind the book, Bezich’s own experiences and the stories of the men he’s interviewed. With only 3% of the whole American population living healthy, it’s clear that traditional approaches to men's health have not worked, particularly for men over 50. 50 Plus Men advances a new pathway, one with the strength and staying power to motivate men to live healthy so they can be there for the ones they love and lead a rewarding and fulfilling life.

This new model of behavior is one that reaches far upstream from the medicine, diets and exercise fads that dominate our culture and instead focuses on a psychosocial approach that starts with motivation and finding the best sources for sustained inspiration. Men who achieve such a meaningful alignment of motivation and behavior exhibit what Bezich terms Male Cognitive Behavior Alignment (MCBA). A quality exhibited in the men’s he’s studied. Come find out how the motivation for your journey to a healthy lifestyle can be found right in front of you, in those people, practices and activities that are most meaningful and rooted in your deepest emotions and feelings. Join in our dialogue. Tell your story. Together our voices will generate a cultural shift where healthy behavior in 50+ men will become the norm not the exception.

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what readers are saying

Mark Scholz, MD

"...Bezich skillfully reveals a doorway to a long-lasting solution by helping us to identify our internal goals for life and act on them. Survival is the Holy Grail and Bezich’s book maps a pathway to success."

Ray Didinger, 94 WIP Sports Radio

"If you are a man over 50, Crack The Code should be required reading..."

K. Allison Davis

"...I highly recommend this to all men, we all eventually get older, and the people that love them. We play a bigger role then we realize in their lifestyle decisions. Perfect gift for the men on your list."

Lillie S

"...This book by Louis Bezich was refreshing for me because it shifted my focus from the already affected to those who still have a chance to choose healthy behavior and direct their lifestyles towards good health and fulfillment. I would recommend this book to anyone who is even slightly receptive to learning about improving health, particularly in aging men."

Bernie Parent, Member Hockey Hall of Fame

"A winning strategy...Lou Bezich has taken on the impossible task of motivating men over 50 to live healthy and created a highly successful mode that will appeal to even the most cynical and stubborn among us..."

Ron Jaworski, NFL alum and author of The Games That Changed the Game

"Crack The Code nails it...It helped me realize that sustaining healthy behavior is a team sport and that's why I plan to share this book with the most important people in my life, my family. You should too."